Tech Support Scams

Tech Support Scams

“Hello, we are calling from Windows and your computer looks like it is infected. Our Microsoft Certified Technician can fix it for you – are you in front of your computer?”

Sound familiar? Believe it or not – we’re a computer repair company and they call us and go through their script. Whether you have just been scammed or simply want to learn a little, read on.

Tech support scams are a million-dollar industry and have been around since 2008. Every single day, innocent people are tricked into spending hundreds of dollars on non-existent computer problems.
How tech support scams work

The scam is straightforward: pretend to be calling from Microsoft, gain remote control of the machine, trick the victim with fake error reports and collect a ridiculous amount of money.

If you ever get a call from a Microsoft or Windows tech support agent out of the blue, the best thing to do is simply hang up. Scammers like to use VoIP technology so their actual number and location are hidden. Their calls are almost free which is why they can do this 24/7.