Data Recovery

Data Recovery - What is it?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving lost, hidden, missing or misplaced files, folders, or records after mishaps, deletions or hardware failures.

Can you recover my data?
If you are need to recover data from a hard drive that still spins, and does make any clicking noises, the chances are, 97% of the time, we can recover your files, documents, photos and other files.


Lake County Repair is equipped and trained to recover data from a wide array of hard drives, both internal and external. We have the forensic software applications that can get the job done! Desktops, laptops, iMacs and Macbooks are welcome! ALL external drives as well. We can also retrieve previously deleted files.


Most data is lost due to logical errors or simple corruption of the partitions, Master File Table, or other index. This corruption can be due to bad sectors, power surges, viruses & trojans and even human error.

If the desktop has been dropped, the solution may be as simple as re-seating interior components that have come loose. If your desktop is locked up and will not run any programs, it may have a virus or some malware.